Sept. 27, 2021

Entrust Your Ambitions to God, and Let Him Transform You

Entrust Your Ambitions to God, and Let Him Transform You
I never imagined myself as a preacher.
I had a different plan in mind during my younger years; being a radio jockey was one of them or something bigger like a TV show host.
One of the reasons why I gravitated towards this type of aspiration was because I assumed it could earn me a lot of money.
Little did I know, the Lord had other plans in mind.
Today’s saint, St. Vincent de Paul, had other reasons as well for pursuing priesthood in his younger years.
He saw the priesthood like any other job, one that could get him enough money to retire early and provide for his poor family.
Vincent’s hopes, however, didn’t turn out as expected.
His ambitions eventually led him to spiritual transformation, his own personal conversion.
Like Christ, he became less interested in his personal advancement and public image and more focused on his vocation and on God’s mission.
A huge part of his pastoral ministry involved evangelizing and taking care of the poorest of the poor, eventually inspiring the Church to recognize him as the “Apostle of Charity” during his canonization.
Vincent experienced a twofold conversion.
First, God converted him to make the poor the center of his life mission.
Second, he began to see his priesthood not as a career but as a personal relationship with Jesus.
His conversion didn’t take place in one dramatic moment.
It was a gradual one.
In my walk with the Lord, I know that He has been gradually molding my heart towards his purpose of bringing His message of joy and love through the gift He has given me.
I pray that like St. Vincent de Paul, may we all be open to the vocation that the Lord is calling us to, even if it means surrendering our ambitions.
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- What personal ambition do I think God is asking me to allow Him to transform?
- What vocation/state of life am I being called to right now?
- Identify the plans that did not happen in your life as envisioned. List the better plans that these could transform into.
- Consult a priest or your spiritual director about your vocation. Discern with your spiritual director whether you’re called to a life of consecrated virginity, marriage, or the priesthood.
- In your prayer, ask Our Lord, “What do you want from me? What can I do for You? How can I best serve You?” Write down your insights.
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