Dec. 7, 2020

ReBlog: Ever Tried Running Away From Your Calling? This Saint Did

ReBlog: Ever Tried Running Away From Your Calling? This Saint Did
Have you ever been entrusted with a responsibility so overwhelming that you just wanted to run and hide?
This is how St. Ambrose, one of the four original doctors of the Church and one of the most important theological figures of the 4th century, started his commitment with Christ.
After the Bishop of Milan died, St. Ambrose was forced to take his place which he refused, being neither baptized nor trained in theology.
He tried to hide and run away from it.
But when Emperor Valentinian confirmed St. Ambrose’s election as bishop and pronounced severe penalties against all who would help in hiding him, the saint finally relented.
He received baptism from a Catholic bishop and was consecrated bishop of Milan within a week.
Despite refusing the role initially, he gave his all in his new mission.
He donated his possessions to the poor, studied profusely, and applied his education to propagate the teachings of the Church.
In fact, he did it so well that he impressed and helped pave the way for the transformation of St. Augustine, his most celebrated convert.
He spent all his life protecting the Church he tried to run away from and even introduced reforms to allow more people to be connected to God.
Like St. Ambrose, there may be times when we feel like we’re not qualified to take on an important role.
Personally, I don’t consider myself a writer and I doubted myself when I was tasked to write these reflections.
St. Ambrose’s life showed me that God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
I believe that God will bring the reflections I write to those who need it the most.
When it comes to opportunities presenting themselves for us to bless others, may we, like St. Ambrose, choose to “run with it” instead of running away from it.
1. What new role or responsibility is God calling me to?
2. Knowing that God is always with me and qualifies the called, how can I move beyond my self-doubt?
1. St. Ambrose fully embraced the role that he tried to run away from. Commit to try new things that would bless others even if it’s beyond your comfort zone.
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