June 16, 2021

ReBlog: Find God in the Familiar

ReBlog: Find God in the Familiar
God is in the ordinary.
More often than not, we think that God is found only in the extraordinary.
We seek Him beyond the familiar.
Today’s saint, St. John Francis Regis saw God in the ordinary.
Born into a noble family, he was educated by the Jesuits from the age of 14.
He followed the Jesuit path, becoming a skilled catechist.
John quickly dove into missionary work after his ordination, serving different towns in France.
He was then assigned as a missionary to French Protestants, as well as to bring back the neglected Catholics back to the faith.
Even though John dreamt of serving as a missionary among the Native Americans in Canada, he lived the rest of his missionary life in his country.
Even though it was a difficult journey that involved crossing the wilderness and battling harsh winters, his work brought a lot of souls back to Christ.
John saw God in the numerous ordinary people that he served all his life.
He knew that God was present in his everyday life.
And because his teachings were plain and ordinary, it attracted people of all classes.
It was his availability rather than his ability that made the difference.
As a father of two, this pandemic has shown me that LOVE is spelled as T-I-M-E in the eyes of my children.
The seemingly ordinary playtime that I spend with them produces extraordinary fruits in our relationship.
God is with us.
Even in the ordinary, even in the mundane, even in the familiar.
May the life of St. John Francis Regis remind us to emulate the familiar people in our lives whose faith and goodness inspire us to go deeper into our faith.
- When was the last time I noticed God in the familiar?
- Recall the times when you witnessed God in the ordinary.
- In your daily rosary, pray specifically for the familiar and ordinary people who bring you closer to Christ.
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