Dec. 5, 2022

Voice Journey Day 3

It's been a challenging time for me juggling between this program and time with family. Nevertheless, it's a blessing to be able to catch up even if I was not able to join the session live.

I also appreciate our team on following up with me especially with the group requirements. Day 3 focuses on the VOICE. From utilizing pitch, volume up to standing up for your voice amidst the possible rejections and failures. Also, some practical steps on taking care of our voice was shared as well. I was really looking forward to this since it's an essential now that I have this journey of serving many through my voice.

The second session was fun to begin with as it gave me some insights on how our voice can be reshaped for a purpose to help us progress in our journey as voice artists. More so, it gave me some ways to discover more on how I can tap in different genres.

Hope to put this knowledge, one day, one gig at a time.