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Jay Aruga

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Jay Aruga is a Filipino conservative podcaster, frustrated Catholic apologist and a self-proclaimed Derek Ramsey look-a-like. He launched The Jay Aruga Show on 2019 because he was sick and tired of how much the state of the country's intellectual discourse has declined. Recently, he's been dismayed by how much the Western civilization is decaying, and seeing that it's slowly creeping its way in the Philippines, took it to himself to promote Conservatism and help Titos and Titas take back the culture and turn it back to its pristine form for the future of our children.

Tha Jay Aruga Show, the first conservative podcast in the Philippines, is now on its 3rd season.

April 24, 2021

LSP 59: Conservative Ka Ba? with Jay Aruga

#ESSENTIAL pa ba ang pagiging CONSERVATIVE ngayon? Join Apple and Jeric as they speak to the HOST of THE JAY ARUGA SHOW , the first conservative podcast in the Philippines, about reclaiming what it means to be a "conservativ...

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