May 30, 2020

LSP 13: Q&A: Katawan & Relationship

LSP 13: Q&A: Katawan & Relationship
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We had our very first Facebook Live talk with 470+ live viewers last Thursday. It was nerve-wracking but also was a bigger blessing to be able to share the Theology of the Body, at least a tiny tiny fraction of this beautiful and complex teaching by St. John Paul II.

There were a lot of questions. In this episode we try to somehow, answer more in-depth on some important questions. Join us in our son's nap time episode as we discover more on why #YouAreWorthIt

1. What makes dating difficult in today's world?
2. How do you define 'Love' and 'Commitment'? Which do you prefer?
3. How can men/women help each other pursue chastity?

FB Live Head and Heart Talk:

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