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Why should you listen to Langgaspeaks?

I am a new listener of the langgaspeaks podcast on Spotify. I became an avid listener right after the SFC ICON, having Tita Apple as one of the speakers at the event. So far, it has been great listening to them - they speak calmly (huhu lavet), they have references (bible, or written works by the Catholic figures), and they also give their insights (which is the most exciting part of the podcast). Most of their pieces of advice (just like your typical ates and kuyas) are struck on my heart just because a lot of them are my current "feels". It seems that they are friends who know your struggles (most especially on relationships lmao) and give you their WOW (words of wisdom). I'm so glad that both of them are using their God-given talents to promote love, teachings of God, and positivity to their listeners. I wish I can find my own Tito Jeric soon! (HAHAHA.) and I wish I have an ate just like Tita Apple. Thank God for these amazing couple on Spotify!

P.S., they also love interacting with their fans (Nuks!!) on Instagram. They are really cool parents and public figures. :)

April 21, 2022 by Nicole on This Website

Langga Speaks Podcast