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Oct. 29, 2023

LSP 176: The Art of Letting Go

Are you ready to LET GO? In this episode, we share simple ways on how we can LET GO in life. Letting go is difficult but clinging on creates more difficulties. Join us as we share 8 simple ways to …

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Sept. 30, 2023

LSP 175: Making Major Decisions

Are you ready to make that DECISION? Every decision that comes your way affects your relationship–for good or for bad. In this episode, we talk on how we can create a successful plan together in making a step forward especial...

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Aug. 27, 2023

LSP 174: On World Youth Days & Beyond

Have you ever been in a "life-changing" journey? In this episode, we talk about World Youth Days with Unboxing Catholicism's founder Bernz O. Caasi who recently came from the World Youth Day in Lisbon. We talk about our exper...

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Aug. 5, 2023

LSP 172: Weathering An Uncertain Season

We all face uncertain seasons from time to time. No one is exempted. In this episode, we share some insights on how we can weather an uncertain season with your Langga and share our own uncertain season journey as well. …

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June 30, 2023

LSP 170: Who Am I?

‘ Who Am I? ’ A question of identity. We are living in a post-truth society , where ‘truth’ has become relative . Despite that, we have the capacity not only to seek what is true, good, and beautiful. We …

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June 20, 2023

LSP 169: Joyful Surrender

When we open our hearts to surrender, we release the burden of maintaining our ideals of what a perfect life should be. We learn to love the life we live in, and let go of faults or mistakes. Lastly, we …

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June 11, 2023

LSP 168: Strength in Surrender

We can find STRENGTH in SURRENDER. There is radical power in surrender. Strength is found in letting go of a clenched fist, and emptying the weight you are holding onto By surrendering, you release the burden of maintaining ...

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May 13, 2023

LSP 165: Stewardship of Treasure

Are you a good steward of MONEY? Unfortunately, many reduce this beautiful spirituality to just a “nice way to ask for money.” We don’t get reactive on time and talent, but then when it comes to treasure, we don’t even …

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April 30, 2023

LSP 164: Stewardship of Talent

Every skill, talent, and ability is a gift from God. He doesn’t give them to us to keep for ourselves, but to bless others and build His kingdom. Our talents are God’s gift to us, what we do with them …

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April 29, 2023

LSP 163: Stewardship of Time

Beginning in conversion, change of mind and heart, this commitment is expressed not in a single action, nor even in a number of actions over a period of time, but in an entire way of life. It means committing one’s …

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March 14, 2023

LSP 157: Aids for Discernment

Are there tools or aids we can use in discerning? In this episode, we'll tackle the aids we can use in our practice of discernment. In this concluding episode for the series of the Catechesis of Discernment, we discuss the …

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Oct. 15, 2022

LSP 136: Goodness of God

When times get tough, when circumstances become so hard, we find ourselves numb or overwhelmed or both at the same time. These are the times where it is so hard to see or even acknowledge God’s goodness and presence in …

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Oct. 8, 2022

LSP 135: Feeling Hopeless

DO YOU FEEL HOPELESS? Well we do, every now and then more so you may even feel like we're living in a hopeless world. But then again, if we lose hope, we lose everything. That's why in this episode, we …

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Aug. 21, 2022

LSP 128: Help Me Learn To Read My Heart

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about DISCERNMENT . Discernment involves all the experiences of our lives — how God has called and formed us. A healthy discernment puts our gifts into focus and, equally important, cut...

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Aug. 13, 2022

LSP 127: More Prayer Tips For Couples

HOW CAN WE PRAY DEEPER TOGETHER? Continuing from episode 125, we share more tips from Fr. Michael Denk, last time we did VOCAL prayer tips this time we’ll touch base on meditative forms and contemplative ones. In this episode...

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