We get a lot of questions on what gear we use to create our shows. So we're listing all that we own, have owned, reviewed or recommend and the stories behind it. We always believe that your gear should also grow with you and praise be to God, some stuff here were made possible through our listener support!

Click on each item to view our comments. A friendly reminder though, just because you see it here does not mean it’s the right gear for you. Please feel free to contact us about your specific setup if you have questions before purchasing.

Our show is always on the move and we don't have a studio, yet. But thank God for technology that we can always make episodes more beautiful for your ears and at the same time bring it to you wherever you may be.

PS. All links here are affiliate links.  An affiliate link is small commission only received if you purchase something from the linked website above. We only link to website that we use and trust. In short, your every purchase using the links provided supports our show. Thank you!