Langga Speaks Podcast

Langga Speaks Podcast

'Langga' [lang.gâ.] means 'Beloved' in Ilonggo/Hiligaynon, one of the gazillion Filipino dialects. Raising a family as Filipino expats in Dubai is not as simple as it may seem. Join show hosts, Apple and Jeric Defante, for downright honest conversations and full-packed laugh marathons as they share about family, faith and everything in between!

Recent Episodes

LSP 174: On World Youth Days & Beyond

Aug. 27, 2023

Have you ever been in a "life-changing" journey? In this episode, we talk about World Youth Days with Unboxing Catholicism's founder Bernz O. Caasi who recently came from the World Youth Day in Lisbon. We talk about our expe…

LSP 173: How to Be Wealthy (Without Losing Your Soul?) with Jonathan Texeira

Aug. 13, 2023

Is it really possible to be WEALTHY, without losing your SOUL? In this episode, we had a joy-filled conversation with one of the hosts of The Catholic Money Show and co-founder of WalletWin , a financial startup that helps e…

LSP 172: Weathering An Uncertain Season

Aug. 5, 2023

We all face uncertain seasons from time to time. No one is exempted. In this episode, we share some insights on how we can weather an uncertain season with your Langga and share our own uncertain season journey as well. ————…

LSP 171: Work Is Not A Curse

July 17, 2023

Is your WORK a CURSE? FACT - Our lives are gonna be spent working. In this episode, we discuss on what WORK means to us as followers of Christ. In this episode, we discuss on how we can go beyond the meaningless, pointless w…

LSP 170: Who Am I?

June 30, 2023

‘ Who Am I? ’ A question of identity. We are living in a post-truth society , where ‘truth’ has become relative . Despite that, we have the capacity not only to seek what is true, good, and beautiful. We also have the capaci…

LSP 169: Joyful Surrender

June 20, 2023

When we open our hearts to surrender, we release the burden of maintaining our ideals of what a perfect life should be. We learn to love the life we live in, and let go of faults or mistakes. Lastly, we learn to forgive and …

LSP 168: Strength in Surrender

June 11, 2023

We can find STRENGTH in SURRENDER. There is radical power in surrender. Strength is found in letting go of a clenched fist, and emptying the weight you are holding onto By surrendering, you release the burden of maintaining…

LSP 167: Unfinished Business

June 3, 2023

Usapang CLOSURE? Having unresolved conflict in your relationships–especially in your marriage–creates tension that weighs on both you and your Langga. In this episode, we talk about its effects and on how we can manage it. —…

LSP 166: Thank You, Sorry & Goodbye

May 19, 2023

Have you ever ended a relationship with someone that left you feeling like there was still something you needed to say? Yung di ka nakapag-goodbye because you didn't have the opportunity to do so? We find it hard to move on …

LSP 165: Stewardship of Treasure

May 13, 2023

Are you a good steward of MONEY? Unfortunately, many reduce this beautiful spirituality to just a “nice way to ask for money.” We don’t get reactive on time and talent, but then when it comes to treasure, we don’t even want …

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About the Hosts

Apple DefanteProfile Photo

Apple Defante

Wife, Nanay, Catholic

Apple is an Ilongga by blood, raised in Dubai since 1989, and in the Catholic Lay community life with her family through Couples For Christ since the early 90s.

A panganay of 5 siblings, she is now a Nanay to Joseph and Zelie and a wife to Jeric.
A lover of good books, good food and good music, but more than that, a beloved of the ultimate "Langga".

Jeric DefanteProfile Photo

Jeric Defante

Husband, Tatay, Catholic Brewer

Jeric is a Laguna native who started his Overseas Filipino life in Dubai in 2011.

He also serves as the Feast Builder of Feast St. Mary's Dubai, a prayer gathering of the Catholic Lay community, Light of Jesus Family. However, his true passions lie in his love for his family as a husband, father and a home brewer which he also documents through his personal brand, Brewther Jeric.