Langga Speaks Podcast

Langga Speaks Podcast

'Langga' [lang.gâ.] means 'Beloved' in Ilonggo/Hiligaynon, one of the gazillion Filipino dialects. Raising a family as Filipino expats in Dubai is not as simple as it may seem. Join show hosts, Apple and Jeric Defante, for downright honest conversations and full-packed laugh marathons as they share about family, faith and everything in between!

Recent Episodes

LSP 114: Finding Jesus in the Desert

May 15, 2022

ARE YOU AWAY FROM HOME? In this episode, we share our story of being OFWs and on how we can find Jesus wherever we are planted. There are moments in our lives where we seem to feel and think that Jesus is far away. We hope t…

LSP 113: Rest & Rejuvenate With Your Langga

May 7, 2022

ARE YOU RESTLESS? Life is hectic, busy, fast-paced and full of noises. Many of us struggle to find rest in this hyper-busy world we live in which results to a lot of stress in our relationships. Rest is essential in order fo…


LSP 112: Nurturing Your Langga's Heart

May 1, 2022

IS YOUR HEART HARDENED? In this episode, we talk about how we can nurture the heart of one another and on how we can avoid the hardening of hearts. They say that a h ardened heart is the kiss of death to any relationship. Jo…

Relationships In Betweens

LSP 111: Gift of the Gap

April 23, 2022

ARE YOU EASILY TRIGGERED? In this age of instant reactions whether via a text message, email or social, it's so tempting to just express what we feel at the moment. In this episode we discuss of the GIFT OF THE GAP can help …


LSP 110: Resurrected Life

April 16, 2022

BLESSED EASTER SUNDAY! How important is Easter in our faith? So what happens in this so called Easter Season that we're in today? In this episode, we share some reflections and insights on how do we go about this "Resurrecte…

Relationships Faith

LSP 109: Holy Week Traditions For Couples

April 9, 2022

What are you up to this Holy Week? In this episode, we share our traditions that you might take into consideration. Starting or creating traditions with your Langga each new liturgical season is a great blessing to building …


LSP 108: 8 Habits of Healthy Couples

April 2, 2022

What does it take to be a HEALTHY COUPLE? We wanna clear out some confusion in defining what are the qualities of healthy couples vs unhealthy couples. Sometimes, we confuse what we see on social media as what is true only t…


LSP 107: Comebacks To Come-ons

March 26, 2022

How do you answer those come-ons? In a world pushing to normalize sex to be just a form of pleasure, come-ons have become more common than before. In this episode, we share the some of the standard responses one can say whe…


LSP 106: Settling Or Just Being Realistic?

March 19, 2022

REALISTIC KA BA? It’s so hard to determine or discern kung yung taong mahal mo, yung Langga mo is the realistic match sayo or isa lang siyang sign na you’ve settled for second best. Today we discuss this topic and we’re shar…


LSP 105: The Rewards of Waiting

March 12, 2022

ARE YOU TIRED OF WAITING? We were, but it became one of the best things that up until now continuously blesses our marriage. It's important to know about the emotional dangers of premature sex, but it's equally important to …

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About the Hosts

Apple Defante Profile Photo

Apple Defante

Wife, Nanay, Catholic

Apple is an Ilongga by blood, raised in Dubai since 1989, and in the Catholic Lay community life with her family through Couples For Christ since the early 90s.

A panganay of 5 siblings, she is now a Nanay to Joseph and Zelie and a wife to Jeric.
A lover of good books, good food and good music, but more than that, a beloved of the ultimate "Langga".

Jeric Defante Profile Photo

Jeric Defante

Husband, Tatay, Catholic

Jeric is a Laguna native who started his Overseas Filipino life in Dubai in 2011.

He also serves as the Feast Builder of Feast St. Mary's Dubai, a prayer gathering of the Catholic Lay community, Light of Jesus Family. However, his true passions lie in his love for his family as a husband and father, whom he also documents through his personal brand, Tatay Jeric.