Nov. 14, 2020

LSP 36: Beauty in the Wait with Dreus & Love Cosio

LSP 36: Beauty in the Wait with Dreus & Love Cosio

Are you currently waiting for something? Or have you reached a point where you want to give up already?

Then this episode is for you!

Join Apple and Jeric in their conversation with Dreus and Love Cosio as they share the beauty in their journey through courtship, marriage and waiting for a child.


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Dreus CosioProfile Photo

Dreus Cosio

Author, Preacher, Entrepreneur

Dreus Cosio is a corporate speaker whose expertise focuses on leading oneself and others. He is an advocate of financial literacy through Sun Life Asset Management Co., Inc. and a member of Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. He leads The Feast Southwoods Mall in Biñan, Laguna every Sunday. He is also a writer of Feast magazine.

Love CosioProfile Photo

Love Cosio

Author, Content Creator

Love Cosio is a dedicated work-at-home wife and mother. She does social media marketing, project management, and lifestyle workshops.

Together with her husband, Love has a couple vlog called The Co-Show that has over 20,000 followers. Their business, Sketchpad Workshops, produces public and corporate workshops and team building events. They run Suited MNL, a shirt brand with uplifting messages sold online. They also write for Didache, a Catholic devotional published by Shepherd’s Voice Publications.

But what they do best is building a strong family. They are proud parents of their biggest miracle from God, Aniana Lauren.