Spreading God's joy and love through Langga conversations

Our mission is to bring God's joy and love through the podcast episodes that we create. We are excited with the mission of communicating life to others as mentioned by Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel). That's why we need your help to reach hundreds THOUSANDS!

Where your support will go:

  • Support for the monthly fees we have to keep the show running a.k.a website fees, podcast hosting, freelancer fees, Canva monthly fee, chai, shawarma
  • Projects to help support the ministries we support such as #DEEP: Daily Encounter Enrichment PodcastYour contribution will help us make more free content like this and support the people behind it.
  • Funding for my son's yogurt, Paw Patrol fix, diaper, jasmine rice and Apple's cereals aka Chocos.

HOW can you SUPPORT?

You can support us DIRECTLY via PayPal or Buy Me A Coffee and INDIRECTLY by using the following links

FEAST BOOKS: https://bit.ly/feastbook

TRULY RICH CLUB: bit.ly/registertrc

PODPAGE: http://bit.ly/langgapage

BUZZSPROUT: https://bit.ly/speaklikelangga

Please know that we appreciate all the support that comes from different shapes and sizes and we're so happy that you're with us even in prayers!

Palangga ka sang Diyos!

Damo nga salamat sa support!

Apple & Jeric