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Started listening their episodes since last year, hanggang ngayon di nakakasawang ulitin. Sobrang nakakatuwa si Apple at Jeric pati yung sense of humor. Classic! Very relatable ang mga topics. With grace, wisdom at God-centered talks. Thank you! Keep on inspiring everyone through this podcast. God bless you!

You deserve a tv show

I feel like you are married for 50 years now. You speak of so much wisdom regarding family, life and marriage. You relay a sense of hope and peace from God despite of the problems in life. Very good podcast content. I wish you will have a tv show someday so you can reach out and make a good impact on a lot of people.

Thank you!

I binge listen to this podcast every morning before going to work. It is a great way to start my day. God is humbling me, and I believe your podcast is one of God's medium to teach me the things I needed to know to prepare me for the blessings that He has already prepared in the future. I am learning a lot and I can say that your podcast is changing me, my perspective, and my relationships. Thank you. I totally related to ate Apple when she told me na she's NBSB din pala. Yep. I believe that this is not just a process of waiting for no reason, but it is indeed a process where God is putting all the pieces together, which requires time. You made me realize that, and more. Thank you. Godbless always. Sending love from Japan. Genki desuuu ne.

my safe space

I'm at the point of my life where I want to accomplish many things in my personal life and professional life, but there's this certain feeling na I have to constantly pause and let the Lord speak to my heart. 'Langga Speaks Podcast' helps me cultivate my interior life even more. Solid! mas napapalapit ako sa Diyos thru these couple. saya maglinis ng kwarto habang nakikinig ng podcast HAHA HIHI

Worthy to listen.

First known them from one of our online teachings: When a man loves a woman- SFC AUH Chapter B1A. It was worth listening. I super enjoyed it, that’s why I came to their Spotify Podcast and started following and always listening to them. Even if I don’t have “palangga” anymore, I still looked up to you Kuya Jeric and Ate Apple despite of “moira-jason-issue” 😂 The Love of our God will always prevail. Kudos Langga Speaks Podcast! 💪🏽

Podcast that is my Liking

This is the kind of Podcast that is very fun to listen in, it is not that heavy is like having a normal conversation with ate apple and kuya Jerick, and they are like my voices in my head that are turned into a podcast. Every podcast is very different from another, and they are so casual and not a try-hard as others do I really want to meet them in person one day in Dubai Inshallah. Although I'm single their podcast helps me to prepare myself in having one in the near future.

Finally found my langga!

This podcast is what I been looking for. I am currently overseas and im still searching for a spiritual community and found this. Its perfect since kakakasal lang din namin ni husband and through this podcast we can get to learn things and dagdag discussion moment na din for us. Na miss ko din yung SFC community ko kasi parang nakikinig ka na dn ng talk sessions. You will kearn from their personal encounter. Kaya super thank you for this space. We have something to listen to na talagang maeenjoy at matututo ka. Good job to you both and more episodes to come. ♥️

Your everyday companion

Hi Langgaspeaks! Sobrang nag eenjoy po ako listening to your stories and journeying with you from your ligawan till your family life, sobrang nakaka inspire. Feel na feel ko na close ko na kayo kasi pinapakinggan ko kayo from traveling to work, while working, and hanggang sa pag uwi. HAHAHA Looking forward to more relatable contents and to meeting you guys soon. Thank you for being an inspiration especially sa relationship po. Godbless po!

Palangga ko ni na Podcast ❤️

Living and working overseas is a big challenge more so when Pandemic happened. However, the Langgaspeaks podcast has been one of my pastimes and it save my Catholic faith. I'm praying for your success guys ❤️🙏🏽 Sawasdeekhap 🙏🏽

The Gift of the Gap

Helpful and very timely. It’s a breather, lalo na po sa work environment na meron ako. Also, a good reminder for me and my fiancé.

The best local podcast

Always enlightening to hear, something to always take back and apply in our life

Why should you listen to Langgaspeaks?

I am a new listener of the langgaspeaks podcast on Spotify. I became an avid listener right after the SFC ICON, having Tita Apple as one of the speakers at the event. So far, it has been great listening to them - they speak calmly (huhu lavet), they have references (bible, or written works by the Catholic figures), and they also give their insights (which is the most exciting part of the podcast). Most of their pieces of advice (just like your typical ates and kuyas) are struck on my heart just because a lot of them are my current "feels". It seems that they are friends who know your struggles (most especially on relationships lmao) and give you their WOW (words of wisdom). I'm so glad that both of them are using their God-given talents to promote love, teachings of God, and positivity to their listeners. I wish I can find my own Tito Jeric soon! (HAHAHA.) and I wish I have an ate just like Tita Apple. Thank God for these amazing couple on Spotify! P.S., they also love interacting with their fans (Nuks!!) on Instagram. They are really cool parents and public figures. :)

Something I didn’t know I needed until…

I just recently discovered their podcast and I’m currently at the 19th episode. Long way to go to keep up with the latest one!! This is something I didn’t know I needed until I heard them — talking about faith, love, finances and family. So far, my favorite episode was the Usapang Daddy and Manang. It really touched something inside me. I recommended this with my friends! Hoping they took the time to visit and listen. I know they’d love it too just like how I do! Keep on creating po. ✨


Marami akong na learn.. You need a power of prayer , patience and productively waiting


Their episodes give me hope that things won't stay as messy as they are now.

A Good listener

Hello langga speaks thank you for notifying me here Nakaka inspired po Yung bawat episode nyo I was listening during working hour po every lunch break 😃 More Listener's tune in at your Spotify playlist :) God bless more power I'm a part of organization at sfc Laguna :)

I love listening to Langga Speaks Podcast

I'm so happy to come across this podcast. I love the jolly vibe! This podcast also helped me to reflect on myself and on how I handled my past relationships. This podcast helped me to be a better version of me. 🤍


Speechless po

Keep it up po!

Actually, I just started listening to your podcast. And it hooked me a lot to listen for more of your podcast content. Keep it up po! God bless mga ka-langga! 🤗

Fighting well with your Langga

Langga’s Podcasts are very well interesting, useful and reliable and well cleared in terms of explanation and can help your relationship with God, family, relatives and friends!


The only podcast I am consistently listening. Not boring.🙈 They speak not just from experience, not just from book but also from experience. #Unfiltered, no sugarcoating which we all need now -- real people talking about different aspects of life. Keep blessing us with your wisdom and witty-ness. Love you both!!!🤍


I love this podcast! I started listening when someone shared a post in Facebook about the episode about Mama Mary ❤️ Keep going guys! Looking forward for more episodes!

Just Started

It was new to me actually because I usually listen to a different genre but I think, we'll get there. Being able to listen to the first three episodes 🤘🏻🤘🏻.. Nice 💙

great podcast. great production.

Langga Speaks touches your HEART

This podcast definitely makes you reflect on yourself. It's like your therapy session within your hand's reach; and yet their humor gives it a fun twist, too. God bless these two and I can't wait to hear more!


There's so much learnings on the podcast. Each episodes speaks wisdom to every listeners. It gives encouragement.


This podcast has been my comfort ever since I knew LSP. There's always lessonS to every episode. Tho I am not married (yet 😂), it helped me prepare for that to be the best person I can to my future "langga". And of course, ate Apple and Kuya Jeric has the most calming voice kahit minsan nag aargue po kayo. And the podcast was never boring because of your character. I like how Ate Apple's serious mode combined with Kuya Jeric's jokes hahaha. And of course, of how God speaks to me thru your podcast is always the highlight. BTW, I am also a Youth For Christ po. Mag tatransition na to SFC so super helpful po ng podcast because adulting and finding my GG (God's Gift). Thank you, Langga Speaks Podcast. Palangga kamo sang Diyos! ❤️

Timely podcast!

Hi! I am very excited after stumbling upon your podcast and it is very relevant for me as I was in my mid twenties and currently in a relationship wanting to pursue chastity before marriage. I love that it is Catholic- based convos and very relevant to this age. God Bless your podcast!

Binge-Worthy! 🤍

Started with one and ended my day with a total of 5 episodes. Grabe! I did not just learn from their stories, experiences, and take-aways but I also had fun listening to them. They will surely put a smile on your face after each episode. 😉😁


Cool, faith based and wisdom filled podcasters. I enjoy how you both share your thoughts and have meaningful and heart to heart convo. So natural😊