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Love Cosio

Author, Content Creator

Love Cosio is a dedicated work-at-home wife and mother. She does social media marketing, project management, and lifestyle workshops.

Together with her husband, Love has a couple vlog called The Co-Show that has over 20,000 followers. Their business, Sketchpad Workshops, produces public and corporate workshops and team building events. They run Suited MNL, a shirt brand with uplifting messages sold online. They also write for Didache, a Catholic devotional published by Shepherd’s Voice Publications.

But what they do best is building a strong family. They are proud parents of their biggest miracle from God, Aniana Lauren.

Nov. 14, 2020

LSP 36: Beauty in the Wait with Dreus & Love Cosio

Are you currently waiting for something? Or have you reached a point where you want to give up already? Then this episode is for you! Join Apple and Jeric in their conversation with Dreus and Love Cosio as they share …

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