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Crystha Shayne Funcion

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Crystha Shayne is storyteller who is passionate about life, love and faith. She creates content to share the love and joy of Christ! She creates content to journey with people to live their lives to the full!

She was a Catholic lay missionary who travelled the world to share her story with God. She decided to leave her promising career to dedicate my life to serving God through Couples for Christ. She took the leap of faith and tread the road less traveled because some years ago, her life changed when she encountered Christ through the people who shared their stories with Christ to her.

Nov. 28, 2020

LSP 38: Leap of Faith with Crystha Shayne Funcion

From missionary life to family life to love life to signature jump shots, this week's guest is no stranger to the concept of 'leaping'. Get ready for a wisdom-filled episode, jampacked with laughter and realizations as Jeric ...

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