May 26, 2020

LSP 12: Katawan, Katawan, Ooo Katawan!

LSP 12: Katawan, Katawan, Ooo Katawan!

Body, Body, Ooo Body! Yup, it's all body talk this week. Theology of the Body talk.
Ready for it? Join Jeric and Apple as they get a little intimate talking about bodies in this episode.

Resources mentioned episode:
Theology of His/Her Body - Jason Evert

Love and Responsibility - Karol Wojtyla

Men, Women and the Mystery of Love - Dr. Edward Sri

Saving My First Kiss: Why I'm Keeping Confetti In My Closet - Lisa Velthouse

Do You Think I'm Beautiful? - Angela Thomas

Captivating - Stasi Eldredge

Wild At Heart - John Eldredge

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