July 10, 2020

LSP 18: A.L.A. Lang: #Adulting

LSP 18: A.L.A. Lang: #Adulting
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This is our first A.L.A. (Ask Langga Anything) Lang episode. Once in a while, we'll be answering the questions of our listeners aka our friends lol. On this episode we tackle the questions regarding the so called #Adulting!

From finding work to being independent, we go deep dive and hopefully not rant on this topic much. Join us on this "tulog kasi ang anak namin" conversation!

ALA Lang Questions:

  • Finding purpose - 6:00
  • At which point should I be living independently? - 13:53
  • Social pressures/FOMO  - 19:40
  • Job Stability - 26:38
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