Sept. 26, 2020

LSP 29: HE SPEAKS: Man On A Mission with JPaul Hernandez

LSP 29: HE SPEAKS: Man On A Mission with JPaul Hernandez

Join Jeric as he opens up a brand new segment with JPaul HernandezHE SPEAKS. He is the host of The JPaul Hernandez Podcast  which aims to help men find their mission in life. He is also a Catholic Lay Preacher for The Feast, an entrepreneur, and author.

Listen in as they share about how men are wired to be in a MISSION and on how men are called to Lead, Provide, and Protect his family

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JPaul HernandezProfile Photo

JPaul Hernandez

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Podcaster

His mission is to help Filipinos achieve Financial Freedom through Business and Financial Literacy.

​As an entrepreneur and speaker, he gives practical motivational talks to companies that help people achieve their financial and career goals. He's also a bestselling author, and preacher.


- Alpha Logistics, President
- FFP Consulting, CEO
- The Feast Greenhills and Ortigas, Feast Builder and Preacher
- The JPaul Hernandez Podcast


1. A Young Man's Manual to a Successful Life
2. How Underdogs Can Become Overcomers
3. How To Overcome Financial Stress