May 8, 2021

LSP 61: Be My Lady with Joby Provido

LSP 61: Be My Lady with Joby Provido

This week's episode combines the celebration of Mother's Day with our Marian month as we speak to Catholic speaker and author behind THE CATHOLIC TALKS, Joby Provido.

LISTEN in to how Mama Mary has accompanied Joby since birth and how he just can't stop talking about the virtues of Mary alive in his life.

READ his latest book, A Sky Full of Stars: Know Our Lady through her titles in the Litany

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Joby ProvidoProfile Photo

Joby Provido

Host of, Author of "A Sky Full of Stars" and "100 Things Every Catholic Should Know."

Joby is a web designer and teaches design and web development at a School of Design and Arts in Manila, Philippines. His students asked him religious questions and as a result he gave talks he calls,"The Catholic Talks." As this grew, he felt he needed to make sure he handing down the faith correctly, so he finished his theology courses in doctrine, scriptures, liturgy, and catechism at the satellite program of the University of Notre Dame. The endeavor has spawned a website, books, and recently livestreaming. He also runs SimplePublish, which is a one-stop-shop for those who want to go into self-publishing. He also enjoys running another business called Brownie Bar that produces and sells liquor-infused brownies. When he isn't busy with these endeavors, he likes eating dark chocolate, writing short fiction, watching movies and theater, searching for the next best roller coaster ride, and cooking Asian food.