Oct. 18, 2021

Love Leads Us to Look Deeper

Love Leads Us to Look Deeper
What’s more common nowadays than viruses?
Fake news.
With the rise of social media and ease of access to information nowadays, it’s so hard to filter through the noise and see what’s actually true.
St. Luke never met Jesus in person, only getting to know him through the lens of other believers like Paul.
A doctor by profession, Luke was most probably a Gentile convert.
I can only imagine his thought process at that time.
Excruciating to say the least.
It would’ve been conflicted because of his knowledge, his personal beliefs, as well as because of the mixed eye witness accounts of Christ he had been exposed to.
Yet, upon reading his life, one thing is for certain: Luke took a second deeper look.
He was an intelligent man, given the technical accuracy of his accounts of Christ’s life as well as that of the apostles.
Yet Luke took a second deeper look beyond his own needs by accompanying St. Paul on his missionary journey, hence leading Paul to call him his “beloved physician.”
He took a second deeper look at the Blessed Virgin Mary, being the only evangelist to incorporate her in his Gospels.
He took a second deeper look at the life of Christ’s closest followers by writing the Acts of the Apostles.
Lastly, Luke took that second deeper look at the life of Christ to show us how merciful and compassionate Jesus was through stories like the parable of the Good Samaritan.
I think it was his unspeakable love for Jesus that led him to keep on taking a second deeper look at the life of Christ, making him the most prolific of the New Testament writers.
In our present times, I believe that God calls us to take that second deeper look like Luke did.
To pause, discern, and pray to see the truth in love.
Our God is a God of second chances and looks out for you, meeting you with His loving gaze.
Often, the way we look at someone is a way to love them.
That my friend is the truth.
- What new things can you see when you take a second look at where you are in life right now?
- What do you think is blocking you from seeing God’s message in your life?
- Learn to discern what we hold true as followers of Christ.
- Base your standards on Jesus versus what the world dictates.
- Listen to this talk to take a second deeper look at St. Luke >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bvr4qupVvM
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