Jan. 21, 2021

ReBlog: Is Purity Still Possible Today?

ReBlog: Is Purity Still Possible Today?
It’s almost impossible to remain pure in a hyper-sexualized world.
From books to videos, from commercials and ads on social media, it seems abnormal for one to even consider using the word chastity.
People will even be surprised to discover someone who is waiting for marriage before getting intimate with someone else.
Today, the sins of yesterday are now normal and acceptable.
St. Agnes didn’t get swayed by the expectations of society during her time.
Even though many high-ranking men wanted to marry her, she stood by her promise of offering up her virginity and purity to God.
Whenever someone would propose to her, her answer would always be "Jesus Christ is my only Spouse."
Christianity was considered a cult back then.
In anger, her suitors revealed to the authorities that she was a Christian.
She was then thrown into a brothel as punishment and was eventually martyred for her faith.
I remember the time when I publicly announced that I wouldn’t kiss my girlfriend until the day we exchange our vows at the altar.
There were so many whispers, so many doubts, and a lot of naysayers who thought I was being too old-fashioned and that my promise would be impossible to keep.
But St. Agnes has been our patron saint since our courtship began in 2014.
We were inspired by how she remained committed to her faith, she saw chastity “not as a burden, but rather as a crown of triumph,” just as St. Josemaria Escriva described it.
With grace, I was able to keep my promise for 2 years to that person I now call my wife.
And as a bonus, we were even able to thank St. Agnes in person when we visited her remains in the church of St. Agnes Outside the Walls in Rome during our honeymoon.
St. Agnes lived out Galatians 6:9 to “not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."
Let God turn your purity into possibility.
- How do you feel pressured by what the world considers acceptable right now?
- What do you do to live out the faith despite what the world says?
List down your triggers to impurity. Talk to a priest about how to finally conquer this vice.
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