May 11, 2021

ReBlog: The God of the Second Chance

ReBlog: The God of the Second Chance
Have you ever been given a second chance at something?
After 9 months of being jobless in Dubai, I was given another chance to be interviewed in the company I’m with right now.
I encountered delays, one after the other.
It was depressing wondering if I could still “make it”.
I’m sure today’s saint felt the same way with his own second chance.
The second of seven children of poor farmers in Italy, St. Ignatius of Laconi fell seriously ill at 17.
He made a vow to God that he would become a Franciscan Capuchin if he recovered.
Sure enough, Ignatius got well, but he forgot his promise.
At 20, a horse riding accident prompted Ignatius to renew his promise to God.
This time, he grabbed the second chance God offered him.
Soon Ignatius’ reputation for self-denial, charity, and obedience led him to become one of the “official beggars” of the Capuchins, who had a vow of poverty.
He lived out this role for 40 years despite being blind for the last 2 years.
Whatever Ignatius received as gifts from families, he gave back to others.
The people of Cagliari where he served were so moved by his kindness and faithfulness to the calling he pursued all his life.
Ignatius poured his heart and soul into that divine second chance and became a faithful steward of his mission.
What was its effect?
It helped bring people to Christ all throughout his life.
I took the second chance given to me as well and was able to advance professionally, in the same company for the last 9 years.
Through it, God continuously blesses the work of my hands to be a bigger blessing to others.
In the end, we have a God who gives us second chances—something we don’t really deserve.
All we need to do is to take it.
- Have I ever prayed for something, promising God to change my life in a certain way, but which I didn’t push through with? What prevented me from fulfilling my promise?
- What would I do if I were given a second chance at something?
- Pray to our Father to help you recognize the second chances He has been giving you.
- Ask for St. Ignatius’ intercession so you can fulfill your promises to God or to help you conquer a recurring temptation or sin.
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