Nov. 18, 2020

The Perks of Waiting

The Perks of Waiting

I was 12 years old when my Mom first introduced me to the concept about praying for my future husband.

Considering that my biggest problem figuring out strategies on how to eat swallow okra whole so that I wouldn’t have to taste it, that conversation with her went completely over my head.

I mean, why should I care about someone whom I’ve never met and about something that seemed lightyears away? It was too much for me to handle.

Blame it on my brain activity being spent on calculating algebra or handling teenage hormones but it took 3 years for the idea to sink in.

Little by little, I started to notice that other people thought the same way my Mom did.

The summer of my 15th year, while browsing through a little bookstore in a domestic airport, I came across two books, Lisa Velthouse’s “Saving My First Kiss” and Angela Thomas’ “Do You Think I’m Beautiful?”

I found the concept intriguing and took up the challenge.

By the time we came home from our vacation, that challenge had been etched in my heart and soul.

It was also that same summer when I discovered that I desired for nothing less than an intimate relationship with the One who loved me first.

And so my journey with Him began.

During those years, I realized that it was not enough to wait for the ‘ideal man’ to find me.

I realized that I would never be happy if he found me hiding in a dark corner until he brought me into the light.


I was NOT going to wait around for my life to “start” until that day.

Life is too short and too beautiful to be wasted on passively waiting.

I have always been a Disney lover but I knew that God's plan for me was more than wondering when my “Prince Charming” would come.

His plan for me was and will always be greater.

Besides, the standards that I placed on myself were not my own but those ones that He wanted for me.

And since that encounter with Him, God molded me to be the woman that He would present to the man who would join me in my journey towards His heart. Even if it meant some difficult choices along the way.

Prayer over party.

Family over friends.

Service over shopping.

Mission over me.


Because what He desired for me was to become the woman that the man I have been praying for is praying for as well.


God's plan for me is to become the answered prayer to my answered prayer.


And I deserve nothing less than the embrace that only the Divine Lover can give.


And until that that day, I choose to live my life with Him until He chooses to join my life with his.

I'm sure 'til my dream comes true I'll be praying for you.
That you will fear the Lord I'll pray we'll be on one accord.

That God will bless everything we do.

- Mandisa, Praying For You


P.S. To those reading this, do know that it will be a struggle. There will be times when you will think that you can’t hold on anymore. When those days come, allow Him to hold you instead. His grip is stronger.

And when the time is right..

Let God give your hand to the MAN who is meant to hold it forever.


P.P.S Have faith. Even forgotten prayers do get answered.