Nov. 9, 2022

Voice Journey Day 1

Voice Journey Day 1

I enrolled in a program called, Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP) with the goal of improving my voice over skills. I am part of the Batch 16 of the program that will run for 4 Saturdays. The biggest struggle of mine would be in waking up super early.

The program starts at 9AM MNL time meaning that I will need to be logged in via Zoom at 5AM DXB time. It would basically take half of my Saturdays, nevertheless, with the support of my Langga, I am committed into seeing it through.

The first day sessions were all about establishing the culture of CVAP as well as breaking the ice through groupings via breakout rooms. It was a good experience overall because you get to feel the vibe of the group even if it's just a portion of it.

More so, I think the only suggestion for Day 1 that I would suggest is to at least have the mentors of every group have "good" sound source. This way, it gives the whole program a set standard that can set the culture of the whole movement.

I'm looking forward to learn more in the upcoming days.

Deo gratias!